Family Reading night 


Family Reading Night brings students, parents, siblings, and staff together to share the love of books.  In her entertaining and informative presentation, Susan shows parents that consistent interaction with their kids from an early age can lead to success in the classroom!


To become a family of good readers.  How?

  • Good readers start out ahead (showing what to do with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, on up)
  • Good readers have a strong vocabulary (and parents can build their vocabularies)
  • Good readers look for detail (using examples from her books)
  • Good readers summarize and predict (using examples from her books)
  • Good readers make connections (using examples from her books)
  • Good Readers become Good Authors ( she shares where she get the ideas for her books and acts them out using props, puppets, and interactive skits with the students in attendance)


  • LOW AV cart (cart only) w/ 3 plug-ins + ext. cord
  • large screen (to show my power point)
  • 2 display tables (3’ x 6’ at least)
  • LOUD lapel cordless microphone
  • water to drink
  • a copy of each book to display                


    5:30 -- 6  Meet and greet (serve refreshments)
    6:00 – 7 author presentation
    7:00--7:30 autographing


Available upon request