Never seen a jackalope?  Not even sure what it is?  Well, you've come to the right place.  You'll get the whole wild story right here.  You see, the jackalope didn't start out with horns.  First he was a plain old hare.  You know, a jackrabbit.  The horns came later, along with a corny fairy godrabbit and a cranky coyote.  The trouble those horns brought--hooooo-wee!  It sure makes for a hare-raising tale!



2004 Storytelling World Award
2004 Colorado Children's Book Award Nominee
2004 Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award master reading list

"This team's new fable features a multi-layered storyline, kinetic art and a lot of sass. . . The double ending, the puns and the artwork will be enjoyed by all ages."
Publishers Weekly

"Writing is lively with sections interjected in rhymed verse, but the vigorous colored drawings, full-page scenes, and vignettes, deliver the comic wallop."
The Columbus Dispatch

 "In both word and picture, Jackalope is layered with meaning, appealing to a range of readers.  The sassy narrative is peppered with puns for more savvy readers (Jack is having a 'bad hare day').  A mixture of prose and poetry changes the pitch and pace throughout, all the way to the surprising flip-flop ending . . . Jackalope's cheerfully rambunctious illustrations are as cheeky as real Southwestern jackrabbits.  The mirth and charm of these 'silly sisters' is irresistible.  Don't miss this one.  It's lots of fun."
New Mexico Kids!