Jack Rabbit says it's a great day to make tumbleweed stew, but who wants to eat that? With a bit of ingenuity, Jack soon has everyone from Armadillo to Vulture adding something to his delectable stew

"A trickster rabbit talks a group of animals into making a communal meal in this delightfully illustrated Green Light Reader. Jack Rabbit wakes up hungry for tumbleweed stew. At the first ranch he sees, he starts boiling water in a pot and adds a tumbleweed. "It needs more," he says, and gradually the animals each bring a new ingredient until the stew is finished, they feast, and Rabbit wakes up hungry again, ready for "cactus pie." With its cumulative list of ingredients, the well-paced story offers plenty of opportunities for hidden vocabulary drills: as a new ingredient is added, the right-hand page of each spread reviews each labeled item already in the pot. Stevens' wonderfully expressive characters expand the story's humor and whimsy: children will get a kick out of the animals' western wear -- a skunk in a pink cowboy hat; a buzzard in a denim vest, for example -- and will appreciate the images of the rich stew made from the dusty desert."

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