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Want an experience your students and teachers won't forget? Sisters Janet and Susan, the authors and illustrator of so many award-winning picture books that kids love, give dynamic presentations that will have the audience laughing, learning, and begging for more!  Be sure to visit Janet's website for additional information:

During a full day school visit, Janet and I make three 45-60 minute presentations at one school. In each session we plan to:

  • focus on the importance of reading, writing, drawing, and storytelling

  • share the experience of writing stories in collaboration with each other

  • "perform" the books using keynote, puppets, props, and skits to add visual interest

  • talk about the creative process of writing and illustrating books

  • have kids use their creativity to help Janet draw a book character


  • low AV cart with 3 outlets (for our keynote--I bring my own laptop and projector)

  • two 3' by 6' rectangular tables for props at the front of the room

  • one 3' by 6' table for Janet to draw her character (see picture above and/or link HERE)

  • three 10' pieces of white butcher paper (bulletin board type paper)

  • masking tape

  • two lapel microphones

  • water to drink


The success of the visit hinges on how well the students are prepared. Familiarity with the books generates excitement and invites student participation during a presentation.  Involve the teachers by encouraging them to use the books in the classroom (see Teacher Tips). Classroom teacher attendance during each presentation is mandatory, as it insures effective follow-up discussions and activities as well as proper student behavior.  Please do not schedule presentations during "specials."   Reading and writing are seldom part of the PE, Art, and Music curriculum.


Most schools order books so that students can buy them and have them autographed during the visit. Link to the Book Order Form below.  We will be happy to sign any books during break times. Please have a slip of paper or post-it note in each book with the name to be inscribed printed legibly. Unfortunately, we cannot autograph slips of paper, t-shirts, or hands.


Our Joint Honorariums for June 2018 through May 2018: 

  • Full day school visit with 3 presentations: $2800 (divided $1700 for Janet and $1100 for Susan) plus expenses (transportation, lodging, meals)

  • Convention / workshop speaker: $2800/ day (divided $1700 for Janet and $1100 for Susan) plus expenses (transportation, lodging, meals)