The Little Red Pen must grade the papers or it's the END OF THE WORLD! She is stressed out and asks for help, but all her school supply friends can say is, "Not I!" Stapler has back problems . . .  Eraser is suffering from short term memory loss . . . everyone has an excuse. 

The Little Red Pen goes it alone and finally tumbles with exhaustion into the Pit of No Return --the trash! Her fellow school supplies must  work together to rescue her. Trouble is, their plan depends on Tank, the rotund class hamster, who's not inclined to cooperate. Will the Little Red Pen be lost forever?  Will it be the end of the world? 


"A rollicking read-aloud, this is a book that begs to be turned into a class play, readers theater, or puppet show."
The Horn Book

"Stevens's enchanting, well-imagined, dimensional cartoon-style drawings of the office-supply characters imbue each one with a distinct personality to match their dialogic voices....This book is recommended for any classroom and should find a home in most libraries."
School Library Journal

"Will keep kids engaged, while both words and pictures create distinct, hilarious, highly animated characters from everyday objects."

"The authors work in lots of clever wordplay that will appeal to adult readers....Stevens' delightfully expressive desk supplies were created with paint, ink and plenty of real school supplies. Without a doubt, she has captured their true personalities."
Kirkus Reviews