SCHOOL VISITS              

                                                                                                 (scroll to bottom of page for downloadable info)

There is nothing more exciting and inspiring than an author visit!  Susan has spoken to more than 100,000 students in schools throughout the world.  The backbone of each presentation is a multimedia keynote (like PowerPoint) show with lots of student participation.  During a full day visit,  Susan makes three 45-60 minute presentations that are age appropriate, with the older kids getting more in depth information about the writing and editing process. Due to set up time, all presentations must be done at the same school and preferably in the same venue.  


  • focus on the importance of reading, writing, and storytelling

  • share the inside scoop on collaborating with Janet and Dorothy Donohue

  • talk about the creative process

  • act out the books using power point to add visual interest

  • answer questions from students and teachers


  • LOW AV cart (cart only) w/ 3 plug-ins + ext. cord

  • large screen (to show my power point)

  • 2 display tables (3’ x 6’ at least)

  • LOUD lapel cordless microphone (I bring a backup wireless system but need a speaker)

  • water to drink

  • a copy of each book to display


8:30 AM                      arrive and set up
9:00 –   9:45              1st  presentation      (K-1)
10:00 – 11:00              2nd presentation    (2-3)
11:00 –   1:30               lunch / sign books
1:30 –   2:30               3rd presentation    (4-5)  
2:30 –    ?                   finish signing books


The success of the visit hinges on how well the students are prepared. Familiarity with the books generates excitement and invites student participation during a presentation.  Involve the teachers by encouraging them to use the books in the classroom (see Teacher Tips). Classroom teacher attendance during each presentation is mandatory, as it insures effective follow-up discussions and activities as well as proper student behavior.  Please do not schedule presentations during "specials."   Reading and writing are seldom part of the PE, Art, and Music curriculum.  Also, it has been my experience that the kids are better behaved when their regular classroom teachers are nearby, modeling good behavior (not talking and grading papers!)


Most schools order books so that students can buy them and have them autographed during the visit. Link to the Book Order Form at the top of this page.  I will be happy to sign any books during break times. Please have a slip of paper or post-it note in each book with the name to be inscribed printed legibly. Unfortunately I cannot autograph slips of paper, t-shirts, hands.


I have decided NOT to raise my honorarium for the upcoming school year.  It will remain for June 2018 through May 2019. A full day school visit at one school (3 presentations) costs $1200 plus expenses (transportation, lodging, meals).