1.  Time
Have students find all of the clocks in each spread.   Give the time on both the analog clocks and the digital clocks. 

2.  Lapsed Time
Give students clocks with movable hands.  Have them set the clock to the time given on each page.

 3.  3-D Art
Have students create 3-D art by creating a background on a sheet of paper.  On another sheet, draw an animal (or any object) and outline it in black. Cut out the object, roll a piece of tape and stick the object to the background (do not press down).  You can also tape a square of foam board to the back to get a cleaner 3-D look.

4. Collage
Have students make an animal like the ones in All in One Hour using scissors and colored paper and glue (or tape).  Make it 3-D!

5.  Making Connections
Have students read This is the House That Jack Built. and compare it to All in One Hour.