1. Make it and bake it. Allow students to measure ingredients and follow directions. And the grand finale is eating it!   

2. "How-to" and sequencing activities: 

  • List (or draw) a step involved in making the shortcake then put them all in order as a class
  • List the steps involved in making something else (a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a banana split, their bed)
  • Write their own recipes for their favorite treat

3. Science/Measurement:  (read sidebars in the book!)

  • Study capacity measurements by measuring sand (use measuring cups and spoons to discover how many teaspoons in a tablespoon, how many 1/2 cups in a cup, etc.)
  • Study time measurements by converting 1 minute to seconds, then 2 minutes, then 3, then 15 minutes like Iguana! 
  • Study 2 types of temperature--where they came from--where they are used;  explain boiling points, freezing points and below zero (for an intro to negative numbers!)
  • Measure length in inches and cm-- why can't Iguana measure the flour with a ruler?  What can you measure with a ruler?  What things are sold by their length?

4. Vocabulary

  • List all of the cooking words used in the book (mix, beat, sift, whip, bake, cut in, etc.) and define them; bring in other recipes to compare and add to the list
  • Iguana keeps messing up--find the words that have two meanings and the homonyms that cause this
  • Find any words that are examples of onomatopoeia

5. Reader's Theater

  • Put on a Cook-a-Doodle-Doo! play with students costumed in the hats of each character
  • To go to a copy of a Reader's Theater script, click on the picture»

6. Character Study

  • Draw their favorite character 
  • List the qualities of all of the main characters and tell which one they most resemble

7.  Looking for detail

  • Find all of the commercial products in the art and see how Janet changed the brand names slightly  (they were copyrighted!)
  • Find all of the utensils and objects that Janet either photographed or scanned in