1.  Making connections

  • Have students read different versions of Aesop's fable, Town Mouse, Country Mouse and see how they relate to this book.
  • how does the Country Mouse in this book help set the stage?
  • what else does the Country Mouse do throughout this book?

2.  Compare and Contrast

  • Have students compare life in the city with life in the country
  • Have them write their own comparisons like:  City Policeman, Country Policeman

3.  Artist Study

  • Have students do an artist study of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh--start with reading the last page of this book
  • Find all of the art in this book done by these 2 artists

4.  Appreciating Differences

  • Have students compare the differences of the 2 artist dogs who are best friends
  • how are they (the students different from their friends?
  • How to the dogs resolve their differences?

5.  Learn a little French!

  • Point out the French words that are on each page.  Study their meanings  Practice saying the words by using the pronunciation guide,

6.  Letter Writing

  • Study the postcards that Vincent and Henry send to each other
  • Have students write a postcard to a friend or relative telling what they like best about where they live